What infantry class should you use in Conquest Maps in Battlefield 1?

  • 1 St. Quentin Scar

    Scout: Use long-range sniper rifles to cover the long range of the map and K-bullets for vehicles.

    Medic: Use medic classes with medium-range in the tunnels and the up-hill trenches for speed and accuracy.

    Gas grenades are also very useful in the narrow up-hill trenches and the tunnels. 

  • 2 Empire's Edge

    Support: Use the support class for enemy suppression since the posts are tight and often exposed.

    Gas grenades are also useful from close distance.

    Assault: Use the assault class for enemy suppression and to inflict the most damage.

  • 3 Ballroom Blitz

    Scout: Ballroom Blitz has a fortress where you can use the sniper rifles to pick the enemies apart.

    Support: Use support for suppression especially in the trenches to keep enemies from your flag.

    Assault: The anti-vehicle weapons are successful in this map.

  • 4 Fao Fortress

    Scout: Use infantry and trench rifles under the class because the enemy infantry will be scattered around the map.

    Medic: Use rifles for speed and accuracy for efficiency.

  • 5 Suez

    Assault: Use the assault class weapons to inflict the most damage on the enemy and to use anti-vehicle weapons especially against the armored train.

  • 6 Monte Grappa

    Support: Monte Grappa is a relatively small map with trenches where you can suppress enemies with firepower.

    Medic: Use the Sweeper in the medic class for suppressive firepower and speed.


  • 7 Argonne Forest

    Support: Use suppression especially in trenches.

    Assault: Use shotguns to inflict the most damage in the trenches.

    Gas and flame grenades are very successful in this map.


  • 8 Giant's Shadow

    All weapons and classes are successful in this map depending on where you stand. It is one of the biggest and widest maps in the Multiplayer.

  • 9 Ameins

    Assault: This map is best for assault weapons especially with the anti-vehicle weapons against the armored train.

    Medic: The medic class is less successful than the assault; however, with the Sweeper and grenade launcher equalize the difference.

  • 10 Sinai Desert

    Scout: The Sinai Desert is very wide with little cover. You can use the Sniper Rifles to pick enemies apart from a distance without being attacked.