What kind of articles you can post on Speeli

    What kind of articles you can post on Speeli

  • 1 Summary of Information

    You can summarize knowledge into a Speeli article so that people can know it in seconds. See what is Speeli.

  • 2 An answer to a Question

    You can summarize the answers to a question in a Speeli article.

  • 3 Summary of a Video

    You can Include a summary of a Video , such as a Tedx talk, in a Speeli article.

  • 4 Interview Summary

    You can summarize a popular Interview into a Speeli article.

  • 5 A listed post

    You can create a listed post on Speeli as long as it's useful, to the point and comprehensive.

  • 6 Study summary

    Most medical and scientific studies are too long or too hard to be understood. Summarizing the study's key elements can make a good Speeli article.

  • 7 Food recipes, 'do it yourself' and other step by step instructions

    Food recipes, do it yourself (DIY) and other similar step by step instructions can be summarized in a Speeli article.

  • 8 Anything you can come up with

    Speeli is a medium intending to help users of the web create summaries of anything that can be summarized. Don't limit your creativity and don't be afraid to try a new creative idea that you have in mind (See Speeli's writing guidelines).