What makes Bloodborne good?

    What makes Bloodborne good?

  • 1 Detailed graphics

    The game has very detailed good looking graphics. This makes the experience more realistic. 

  • 2 Great character design

    The game has so many novel looking enemies that were made to seem very scary and real. According to most reviewers the character design was done in a very good way.

  • 3 It's part of the Souls games

    Bloodborne is an individual title; however, it is also a Souls game. The Souls games are exciting and have received positive reviews.

  • 4 It's very difficult

    Bloodborne is a very difficult game that keeps you entertained and frustrated.

  • 5 It's very stressful

    Most gamers enjoy the stress coming from Bloodborne because it's difficult and you don't know much of what's going on in your first walk-through.

  • 6 The combat system is good

    One of the best aspects in Bloodborne is the combat style. The variety of weapons out there and the way you use each weapon is very satisfying compared to most of the other RPG games.

  • 7 The game encourages trial and error

    If you go into the game expecting some tutorials, think again. The game offers nothing but trial and error. It makes you re-evaluate your strategy repeatedly to adjust with every enemy. Once you have figured the enemies out, the game changes.

  • 8 The storyline is vague

    When the storyline is vague, games often fail. However, with Bloodborne and other Souls games, a full storyline would not make sense. It's an experience for the gamer, not about the game.

  • 9 The atmosphere is dreary

    Often depressing at times, you find yourself completely isolated from any source of dialogue except for rare moments. There is no interaction with other characters or other players.

  • 10 There aren't many glitches

    Every game has glitches. However, with Bloodborne, the game is very well refined.

  • 11 You can choose your approach

    Whether you're gonna run guns blazing towards the enemy, sneak past them or even use the help of other players, the approach is completely up to you.

  • 12 Great replay value

    While the New Game+ was too difficult for the developers to finish, playing the game again is always as rewarding as the first time.

  • 13 Adrenaline rush

    The game has many scary creatures and beasts. This results in the kind of adrenaline rush that many people enjoy.