What makes supercars so expensive

  • 1 Limited production

    Ferraris and other super cars are usually produced in a very limited number. As the cost of producing the car gets divided on a smaller number of cars, the car becomes more expensive.

  • 2 Higher-grade materials

    Many super cars use higher grade materials that are more expensive than average materials. Carbon fiber roofs and hoods, exotic leather, titanium suspension and other components contribute to the super car's cost.

  • 3 Complex technology

    Most super cars have very complex elements that use high level of technology. The complex technology required for manufacturing makes the super car more expensive than a normal car. See why Rolex watches are so expensive.

  • 4 Hand-assembeled

    Many super cars are hand assembled. This increases the labor cost which is passed directly to the customer because of the limited number of cars produced.

  • 5 High research costs

    Because super cars require complex technologies, advanced research has to be done. The research costs a lot of money which is passed directly to the customer.

  • 6 Many are custom built

    Many sport cars can be customized to fit the needs of the buyer. The additional customization makes the car much more expensive.

  • 7 Powerful brands

    Most sports cars are made by companies that have powerful brands. The brand part gives the car an additional reason to be expensive. See why people wear branded clothes.

  • 8 People are willing to pay for them

    The people who buy sports cars are usually the ones who want to differentiate themselves from others. Many of those people are willing to pay a big price to attain that privilege.

  • 9 Expensive designers

    Super cars are usually designed by famous designers who get paid a large sum of money. Because of the limited number of cars produced, the cost is divided on a small number of cars.

  • 10 Taxation and government fees

    In some countries, people have to pay additional taxes to the government for buying super cars. Those government consider those cars very luxurious items and so they force people to pay additional cost for them.

  • 11 Emerging technology

    Many super cars use emerging technologies that are still extremely expensive to use. This makes the super car much more expensive than an ordinary car.