Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm

    Where is the safest place to stand outside in a thunderstorm

  • 1 Tall objects are likely to get struck

    Tall objects and structures are more likely to get struck since they are more likely to create opposite charges that can attract a lightening strike. Stand away from tall objects , including Trees, in order to be safer.

  • 2 Pointed sharp edges are risky

    Pointed sharp edges are more likely to get struck as they are more capable of creating opposite charges. Stand away from pointed sharp edges to be safer.

  • 3 The area around trees isn't safe

    Sometimes the area around a tree can be hit by lightning. Make sure you stand far enough from close by Trees.

  • 4 Cars are safe from the inside

    Sitting inside a car during a thunder storm is a safe option. Any enclosed metal object is considered safe.

  • 5 Ditches and trenches are safer

    If you can hide in a ditch or a trench then you might be safer. Also a group of Shrubs , of uniform height, can provide a relatively safer level of protection. See How to survive extreme cold in the wilderness.

  • 6 Avoid terrain boundries

    Terrain boundaries are more likely to get hit. Stay away from boundaries that divide water and land , Rock and earth or trees and fields. 

  • 7 Stay away from metal objects

    Stay meters away from metal objects for the strike can pass from one object to another. 

  • 8 Crouch in open areas

    If you got stuck in an open area then crouch to be the smallest target available. If you stand tall in an open area you increase the chance of getting struck. See how to survive a Tsunami.

  • 9 Stay away from water

    Water is a good conductor of electricity and you might be at risk of getting an electric shock if you were in contact with water. See protecting your body from electric shocks.

  • 10 Do not use your phone

    Metals direct the current into the body. Using your mobile phone or umbrella can thus put you at risk.