Who are the characters/gods in the series American Gods in real life?

  • 1 Vulcan


    Vulcan was the god of fire and volcano in ancient Greece. In the show, the writer re-branded him as the god of guns in order to fit in modern life.  

  • 2 The Jinn


    The Jinn is a supernatural creature known mostly in the Arabian and Islamic mythology and theology. This character was depicted as a Taxi driver in the show.  

  • 3 The technical boy 


    The technical boy is a fictional character created to embody every whiny teenager that relies too heavily on social media.  

  • 4 Ibis


    Ibis is considered a main character in the series; he's the one who tells the stories of the gods. Ibis in real life was an ancient Egyptian God; he was the God of knowledge, measurement, and wisdom. 

  • 5 Bilquis


    Biliquis who required worship through sex in the show is a biblical and Quranic figure known as the queen of Sheba in real life. 

  • 6 Czernobog

    Czernobog is known as the black god in Slavic mythology; many believe that the bad things that happen in the world are acts that this God specifically is responsible for. 

  • 7 The Zoraya sister


    The Zoraya sisters are trio gods who came from Slavic mythology; they were guardian goddesses known as the Auroras.    

  • 8 Mr. Anansi


    Anansi is an African folktale and a very important character of west African and Caribbean folklore. He's usually depicted as the spirit of all knowledge in the story, just like the show. 

  • 9 Mr. Wednesday

    Mr. Wednesday is the god of war, Odin, an old God in German mythology. He was the god of death, knowledge, battle, and poetry.