Who invented personal computers

    Who invented personal computers

  • 1 The Programma 101 was the first Personal computer introduced

    In 1964 the Programma 101 was introduced. It was a personal computer invented by the Italian engineer Pier Giorgio Perotto. The device was able to do some limited functions , including making calculations, and was very expensive. It costed $3,200 in 1964. 

  • 2 Why the Programma 101 was considered a computer

    The Programma 101 was considered a computer because of its ability to run stored programs.

  • 3 The Soviets produced the MIR computer in 1965

    In 1965 the Soviets introduced their MIR computer. The MIR had a keyboard and a monitor. It was mainly developed to be used in engineering and scientific applications.

  • 4 The IBM SCAMP was developed in 1973

    some people consider the IBM SCAMP , developed in 1973, to be the first true personal computer. The IBM SCAMP was the first computer to run APL , a programming language that was only available on mainframes, and thus it was considered by some the first real personal computer.

  • 5 Xerox created the Xerox Alto in 1973

    Xerox created the Xerox Alto , a computer with graphical user interface (GUI), in 1973. The Xerox Alto inspired Steve Jobs to create a computer with full GUI. See how Apple started.

  • 6 The Altair 8800 led to the Microcomputer revolution

    The MITS Altair 8800 , a microcomputer invented by Dr Henry Edward Roberts in 1974, is believed by many to be the spark that led to the Microcomputer revolution. Bill Gates started Microsoft when he heard about the Altair 8800. See How Microsoft started.

  • 7 Early computers were sold in limited numbers

    Because a lot of technical expertise , including some knowledge of programming, was needed for the personal computers to run. For that reason personal computers were mainly used by hobbyists and technicians.

  • 8 The Commodore PET was the first mass-marketed PC

    The Commodore PET , which was introduced in 1977, was the first full featured personal computer to be Mass marketed. The Commodore PET was back-ordered and not available until later in the year

  • 9 Apple Computer jumped in

    In June 1997 the Apple II computer stepped in , took advantage of the unavailability of The Commodore PET, and managed to make good sales. See how the Apple computer was created. 

  • 10 Mass Marketed PCs made PCs popular

    As a result of the Mass marketed PCs the device started becoming popular among ordinary users who didn't have a strong technical background.

  • 11 IBM dominated the Market

    The IBM PC became a standard of the PC Market and shortly IBM was the dominant player.