Who is Redbeard in Sherlock: The Final Problem?

  • 1 He is Victor Trevor

    He was Sherlock's best friend when they were young. 

  • 2 Sherlock and Victor played together

    Sherlock and Victor used to play pirates together. Sherlock was Yellowbeard and Victor was Redbeard.

  • 3 Eurus got jealous

    Eurus, Sherlock's long-forgotten and imprisoned sister, used to get jealous because they did not include her in their games together.

  • 4 Eurus took her revenge

    Eurus took her revenge and Redbeard disappeared. Mycroft says that she drowned him.

  • 5 Mycroft helped Sherlock

    When Eurus was sent to prison, Mycroft helped Sherlock lose memory of her to protect him.

  • 6 Sherlock recreated Redbeard in his head

    Sherlock recreated the memory of Redbeard in his head. He turned him into a dog rather than a person not to damage himself emotionally.

  • 7 Redbeard was never found

    Victor Trevor's body was not found throughout the years. To Sherlock, it was a dog that died. However, that was his very first mystery according to Eurus, one which he didn't solve.

  • 8 John Watson discovered the bones

    John discovered the bones when he was chained to the well. Sherlock remembered that it was Redbeard and told John that it's the dog. John confirmed that it was an actual person. It was the same place where Eurus would attempt to drown Sherlock's other best friend.