Why 13 Reasons Why is a good show

    Why 13 Reasons Why is a good show

  • 1 It can help suicidal teens

    According to the opinion of some people, the show can help suicidal teens seek help and talk about the their problems. Some teens might feel like asking for help after seeing the show.

  • 2 It informs parents about teen problems

    The show informs parents about many of the troubles teens face during high school. The show makes it clear to parents that teens don't usually talk about the problems they face in school. The show is thus very helpful to parents who want to see full picture from a teen's perspective.

  • 3 It raises very important concerns

    The show raises very important concerns about bullying, teen problems and teen suicide. The show highlights those problems and brings them to the surface. The show can motivate people to create movements to handle those problems.

  • 4 It can teach kindness

    The show can teach some teens how to be kind to their friends, especially after realizing how hard it can be for a teen to get bullied, assaulted or harassed.

  • 5 It shows how teens think

    The show is very informative when it comes to showing how teens think and how they usually choose not to talk about their problems. A parent can thus understand a teen more after watching the show.

  • 6 It can help improve schools

    The show can help improve the way schools handle problematic teens and can thus help those schools provide a better learning environment for their students.

  • 7 It is very interesting

    The show isn't just purposeful, but it's also very interesting, as it combines mystery with storytelling. The show got high ratings on most review platforms.

  • 8 The acting is very good

    Almost all of 13 Reasons Why actors act very well. The show thus gives a very realistic picture of how high school can be like from the perspective of a teen.

  • 9 It's based on a bestselling novel

    The show was based on the bestselling novel called 13 Reasons Why. The show managed to narrate the novel in an interesting and exciting way.

  • 10 It was well received

    Both viewers and critics praised the show for its cast, story, performance, visuals, direction and improvement upon the source material. 

  • 11 It can help make warning signs clear

    Some people argue that the show can help both parents and schools see some early warning signs of problematic teens and so can help in saving them.