Why 2016 is a bad year for video games

    Why 2016 is a bad year for video games

  • 1 Lack of notable titles

    2016 hasn't had many notable titles for video games. While it witnessed some notable titles during Comic Con and other conventions, there weren't a lot of video games released that year in comparison to previous years.

  • 2 Updated consoles

    The lack of video game titles may be due to the focus put on new consoles or updated consoles such as the PS4 pro and Project Scorpio.

  • 3 Disappointing games

    Some video games that came out in 2016 are horribly disappointing. According to gamers, the video games that are critically acclaimed don't fare well in comparison to previous years.

  • 4 The focus on DLC

    Companies have focused more on Downloadable Content for original games. However, many gamers dislike the idea of DLCs since they have already bought the original titles for the full price.

  • 5 The focus on remastered games

    While the focus on remastered games like Resident Evil and Skyrim is a good thing, it shows the lack of originality in 2016's new content. 

  • 6 The focus on VR games

    Developers have gone on the way to discover the VR games and work on them, which led them to lose focus on the consoles and PC games. That led to a remarkable decrease in the games that came out in 2016.

  • 7 The focus on sequels

    Many sequels for well-known games came out in 2016 like Uncharted 4. However, that also showed that the original titles and new games didn't fare well in 2016.

  • 8 The direction of indie titles

    While a lot of gamers find the indie titles interesting, some gamers complain that even though they show hardcore quality gaming, the titles tend to take the same direction.

  • 9 Cancelled games

    P.T. or better known as Silent Hills of the Silent Hill franchise was supposed to come out in 2016. However, the project got cancelled with Hideo Kojima leaving Konami.

  • 10 Renovations in franchises

    Franchises like Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed were confirmed to not have any titles for 2016 due to issues regarding how the gamers viewed them. Renovations were necessary, so several games were delayed or even cancelled all-together.