Why Alexandria Of Egypt drowned in water in Winter 2015

    Why Alexandria Of Egypt drowned in water in Winter 2015

  • 1 The rain was heavier than expected

    Yousri Henry, the head of waste disposal in Alexandria, said that the rain filled the tanks quickly and that those tanks need 10 hours to be emptied. Yousri said that as more rain poured down there were no more tanks to contain the water.

  • 2 The amount of water was 3 times the tanks' capacity

    The capacity of water tanks in Alexandria is 1 million cubic meters. The amount of rain that fell was 3.2 million cubic meters.

  • 3 The government didn't provide the 75 million needed

    Henry said that the Egyptian Government didn't provide the 75 million Egyptian pounds needed to increase the capacity of the treatment stations, and as a result the city was not ready for heavy rain. See also: why some Egyptians Support Abd El Fattah El Sisi.

  • 4 Old and undeveloped infrastructure

    Under the rule of President Hosni Mubarak, the infrastructure of many cities remained obsolete and didn't get much renovation. It's believed that this made the problem worse. See why Some Egyptians love Hosni Mubarak.

  • 5 The Government ignored the threats

    According to 'Aswatmasriya', the problem happened years ago in Egypt but the government ignored the threats and didn't have a specific plan to deal with future recurrences.

  • 6 Unlicensed buildings made the problem worse

    During his interrogation by the authorities, Henry said that the new unlicensed buildings put pressure on the pipes and tanks, which made them less useful.

  • 7 Lack of an efficient crisis management plan

    The Governorate of Alexandria had no efficient crisis management plan. Lack of training and poor planning were among the reasons cited for the event.

  • 8 Henry blamed cafeterias and hotels for blocking water drains

    During the investigation, Henry said that cafeteria owners blocked the water drains even though they were instructed not to do so. This led, according to his opinion, to the accumulation of water on Corniche Street.

  • 9 Henry : Hany El Missiry is not responsible

    Henry Said that Hany El Missiry is not responsible for the crisis because he was appointed as governor months before the event, and that it takes a longer period of time to do the needed preparations. 

  • 10 Climate change

    As a result of climate change the rain in Alexandria became more intensive. The city was prepared for a certain amount of rain but the amount of rain that fell exceeded it. See why it is very hard to Drive a car in Egypt.