Why Arsene Wenger Should Not Extend His Contract With Arsenal

  • 1 The atmosphere among the fans is now toxic

    Thrash talks and verbal threats are now common among Arsenal fans who - thanks to Wenger - are now split into two sides, 'Wenger-In' and 'Wenger-Out.'

  • 2 He broke his promise of winning the league by 2017

    In 2015, Wenger claimed he was only two years away from winning the league title he kept losing for 13 years straight. Today, Arsenal is 12 points behind Chelsea with little, or no, hope of catching them.

  • 3 He's so close to getting kicked out of the top 4

    Wenger is about to lose his favorite trophy this year. The team is now fifth and is most likely to lose points in their last 4 fixtures of the season against the tough sides of Tottenham, Man United, Stoke City and Everton, respectively. 

  • 4 He lost his tactical edge

    Wenger is now predictable to almost every manager with above average skills. He tries to force his playing style among every single team he faces instead of adapting to their weak and strong points. He once admitted defeating Man City only after his players begged him to change the game plan.

  • 5 He rarely learns from his mistakes

    Insisting on playing Aaron Ramsey on the wing, failing to buy a proper striker for five years since 2012 and failing to fix the injury crisis that tears the team apart every year are some of many mistakes Wenger keeps repeating year after year. 

  • 6 The players became mentally weak under him

    When a coach publicly considers the fourth place a trophy, no wonder his players will start celebrating late draws and take selfies for just finishing above Tottenham. 

  • 7 He`s no longer the "talent spotter"

    Failing to sign Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, Angel Di Maria, N'Golo Kanté, Pique and more and giving unconditional support to liabilities like Nicklas Bendtner and Yaya Sanogo is a huge faiiure for someone been known for years as the star spotter