Why Batman Arkham VR is bad

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    Why Batman Arkham VR is bad

  • 1 It's very short

    Arkham VR is a very short game with a gameplay that is around 2 hours. The game is only formed of 3 short acts. Many players might be able to finish it in one day. 

  • 2 Expensive for its length

    The game costs $20 but it's too short to justify its value. The game needed to be longer to be worth the money.

  • 3 Batman doesn't fight

    In Arkham VR, you are not going to fight anybody. You are going to be the batman, you will investigate crimes but you will never punch or kick anybody. See why Batman is popular.

  • 4 Batman doesn't move

    The movement mechanism in Arkham VR is comfortable but strange. Batman can't move, but he literally teleports from one place to another.

  • 5 You never drive to missions

    When you decide to do a certain mission, the screen goes dark and you find yourself there. The game doesn't allow you to experience being inside the Batmobile. See also why Arkham night was a bad game.

  • 6 You don't jump over buildings

    The Arkham VR game tried to make movements minimal. In the game, you can't jump or hang on to anything. If you need to do so to get to the next area, a black screen will show up and you will appear there. See why PSVR games are very short.

  • 7 It's all about solving puzzles

    The game is all about solving puzzles with almost no action at all. The game is 100% focused on puzzles.

  • 8 Limited interactions

    The game allows the player to have very limited interactions with the environment apart from examining and holding some objects.