Why Batman and Superman are fighting in dawn of justice

    Why Batman and Superman are fighting in dawn of justice

  • 1 Superman killed many civilians by accident

    In the beginning of the movie, the incident from Man of Steel where superman saved the city from General Zod was shown but so many innocent people died as a result. Batman got pissed off at this point but he still wasn't that hateful towards Superman.

  • 2 The Flash told Batman that he is right

    The Flash visited Batman through a time portal and told him that he is right about his feelings towards Superman. This made Batman doubt the intentions of Superman even more.

  • 3 Batman thinks that Superman's presence is dangerous

    Batman believed that the presence of Superman on earth is dangerous since he makes earth a target as aliens might come especially for him and so attack earth.

  • 4 Superman didn't like Batman's ways

    Superman didn't like Batman's way of fighting crime. Clark Kent wanted the newspaper he works at to investigate Batman's unethical methods. This created a lot of tension between both since now both of them don't really like each other.

  • 5 Superman threatened Batman

    When they both met by coincidence Superman threatened Batman and asked him not to show up again if someone called for him. Batman was very pissed off. See why Batman is popular.

  • 6 People were debating about Superman

    The world was debating about whether the presence of Superman is a good or a bad idea. This could have helped Batman feel that he is right since now a large number of people support his opinion.

  • 7 Superman was blamed for the deaths in Africa

    After the massacre that took place in Nairomi in Africa, Superman was blamed for the deaths. People believed that if he didn't show up people would have never died. This also increased the tension between Batman and Superman. See why we like super heroes.

  • 8 The bombing of the Parliament

    The fact that the Parliament was bombed while Superman was speaking there could have also contributed to Batman's hatred of Superman.

  • 9 Lex Luthor set them up

    Lex Luthor captured Superman's mom and told him that she will only be safe if he killed Batman.

  • 10 Batman refused to negotiate

    When Superman went to talk to Batman about saving his mother Batman responded back by attacking Superman. By this point Batman had made a decision to fight Superman.