Why celebrities die young

    Why celebrities die young

  • 1 Everyone hears about their death

    Not all celebrities die young, but because the deaths of celebrities are a public event, they become memorable and people take note of them. This might make it seem like many celebrities are dying young.

  • 2 Excessive smoking

    According to a study, performance based careers were linked to death at a younger age. One explanation given was excessive smoking to handle stress which, could cause fatal problems such as lung cancer. See also why celebrities divorce a lot.

  • 3 Drug use

    Some celebrities overuse drugs to the extent that they put their lives in danger. The overuse of drugs can be fatal and lead to some cases of celebrity deaths.

  • 4 Use of performance enhancing drugs

    According to one theory, some celebrities overuse performance enhancing drugs. This can also lead to excessive drinking and the use of self-administered drugs. Those actions can put the life of a celebrity in danger and reduce their life expectancy.

  • 5 Baby boomers are dying

    According to one theory, baby boomers, people who were born between 1946 and 1964, now make a large percentage of the population. Many of those famous baby boomers might suffer from serious diseases then die. This might explain why some celebrities are dying.

  • 6 Living wild lifestyles

    Many celebrities live wild lifestyles that involve the use of cocaine, drugs and other extreme behaviors. This could be one reason why some celebrities die young. See why celebrities like Twitter.

  • 7 Many celebrities died in 2016

    So many celebrities died in year 2016. This could have made it seem like so many celebrities are dying young, whereas 2016 could have been an exception.

  • 8 Many old celebrities look young

    Many celebrities take good care of their looks in order to appear younger. Those celebrities might seem like they died young just because they looked young, while in fact they might be old.

  • 9 Living under tremendous pressure

    The life of a celebrity might involve a lot of pressure since they can hardly be themselves or act normally without attracting the public eye. Some celebrities might find this kind of pressure too much to take and so they might seek various unhealthy coping mechanisms.

  • 10 Working in a heavily competitive environment

    Many celebrities face intense competitions from other celebrities. When a person lives under the constant pressure of competition, their health might deteriorate.

  • 11 Taking more risks

    According to one theory, celebrities might take serious risks in order to succeed as a result of the pressure they find themselves subjected to. Performing while feeling very sick and using a performance enhancing drug is one example of the risks celebrities might take.

  • 12 Pop musicians die younger

    According to a study, pop musicians are more likely to die younger. The study said that pop musicians are 10 times more likely to suffer from accidental deaths than normal people and are two to seven times more likely to commit suicide.

  • 13 They are not prepared for their lifestyles

    According to one theory, celebrities who rise to fame fast might not be emotionally prepared to deal with their new intense lifestyle. If the emotions and coping strategies of a celebrity are underdeveloped, they might find it very hard to survive this hectic lifestyle.