Why celebrities do drugs

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    Why celebrities do drugs

  • 1 The industry pressures them

    Many celebrities get subjected to large amounts of stress as a result of working in a very competitive industry. Celebrities might be obsessed with getting more famous and successful or about retaining their success. This can create a lot of mental pressure.

  • 2 To improve their performance

    Many celebrities use drugs to improve their performance or reduce the physical pain they feel. Some celebrities become addicted to the medical drugs they use to enhance their performance. See why celebrities die young.

  • 3 Some aren't mature enough

    Many celebrities become famous at a young age before they develop enough maturity to apply the right amount of self control. Some celebrities might become drug addicts at a very early age then keep the habit.

  • 4 Ease of access

    Celebrities can easily access drugs when they feel like getting them. In addition to that, celebrities are usually surrounded by people who try to help them stay happy. Those people might make drug access even easier. See why celebrities divorce a lot.

  • 5 They can hardly live a normal life

    Celebrities are pressured all the time by fans, photographers and people who want personal favors. The fact that they can't live their lives normally without constant pressure from people subjects them to high amounts of stress.

  • 6 They are pressured by fear

    Many celebrities are pressured by the fear of losing their fame or failing to maintain their popularity. This subjects some celebrities to a tremendous amount of emotional pressure that might force them to use drugs.

  • 7 Weak social support

    Because many celebrities are unable to live normal lives and to interact with people normally they might have problems finding the right social support that can help them feel good. Some celebrities might use drugs to kill loneliness or sadness.

  • 8 Celebrity lives are public

    Not all celebrities do drugs, but because their lives are public it might seem to people that a large number of celebrities use drugs.

  • 9 They feel isolated and lonely

    Some celebrities feel isolated and lonely as a result of their fame. Those celebrities become prisoners of their own fame then feel lonely as a result. This kind of pressure can motivate some of them to do drugs. See also why celebrities like Twitter.

  • 10 Their jobs are mentally demanding

    Some jobs in the entertainment industry can be mentally demanding. An actor who wants to perform in a certain way might get very pressured, and as a result, cope by using drugs. See why some people use addictive drugs.

  • 11 They aren't as happy as they seem to be

    Many celebrities aren't as happy as they seem to be. Many celebrities are not satisfied with their level of success, as they always compare themselves to more successful celebrities. Some of those celebrities might use drugs to compensate for that.

  • 12 Peer pressure

    Some celebrities might get into drugs as a result of peer pressure. The fact that drugs are easily available and are used by other celebrities around them can motivate them to give drugs a try.

  • 13 The use of self-administrated drugs

    Some celebrities use self-administrated drugs to maintain their performance. Those celebrities might become addicted to those drugs later on.

  • 14 Narcissism might cause addiction

    According to an addiction specialist, Dr. Eric Braverman, narcissism can be on factor that leads to drug addiction since drugs can give a false sense of power and authority.