Why Clickbank is bad

  • 1 They take very high commision

    Clickbank's commission is very high compared to most of other payment gateways. They take 1 dollar + 7.5 percent. For a 10 Dollar product that's 17.5% commission.

  • 2 Vendor can't control refunds

    If a customer requested a refund, they will get it no matter what the vendor says or does. People can very easily abuse the Clickbank system by buying whatever they want then requesting an immediate refund.

  • 3 You can only have one primary product

    On Clickbank, you can only have one direct affiliate link to your main products. Affiliates who want to promote your other products have no option but to promote the main product's link then hope that the customer will keep browsing to reach other products.

  • 4 Chargeback rates can put you at risk

    Clickbank monitors chargeback rates tightly and keeps warning vendors when their rates exceed 1%. With Clickbank, there is no way to dispute a chargeback. See also Clickbank Vs 2checkout which is better.

  • 5 No customized payment forms

    On Clickbank, you can't customize a payment form by adding or removing fields. You also can't embed the forms on your site directly.

  • 6 They have to approve every recurring product

    With Clickbank, you have to get an approval for each new recurring product you create. This makes the recurring product creation part less flexible. 

  • 7 They don't provide a shopping cart

    With Clickbank, there is no shopping cart provided. This reduces conversions, as it forces vendors to sell their products one by one.

  • 8 The customer is always above the vendor

    On Clickbank, whatever the customer or the buyer says will happen, while the vendor always comes in the second place after the customer.

  • 9 You have to stick to their refund policy

    To sell through Clickbank, you have to have a 2 month, no questions asked refund policy. Clickbank ensures that this policy is applied by force.

  • 10 Does not support all countries

    Clickbank does not sell to some countries including Lebanon, Nigeria and others. This results in a loss of customers for international businesses.

  • 11 They don't accept many cards

    Clickbank declines many credit cards that work normally. This can result in loss of sales and revenue for the vendor.