Why coffee makes you happy

  • 1 It forces the release of dopamine

    Coffee forces the body to release the neurotransmitter called Dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that produces euphoria and pleasant feelings.

  • 2 It increases motivation

    Scientists call dopamine the go-get-it chemical because it motivates people to seek rewards and take action. Coffee can thus make the person feel excited and motivated. See why Coffee can be good for you.

  • 3 Acts like antidepressants

    According to a study by the Harvard School of Public Health, coffee can help people become positive, as it can act like a mild antidepressant.

  • 4 The same effect as drugs

    Researchers concluded that Coffee can have the same effect as some drugs. Many drugs make people feel good because they target the brain's reward system. Coffee does the same thing to the brain.

  • 5 It reduces the risk of suicide

    Researchers found that coffee consumption can reduce the risk of suicide. The reasons for this effect are still unknown but some people suggest that the improved mood makes people less likely to think of suicide.

  • 6 It gives more energy

    When people feel tired, they are more likely to become negative. When a person feels powerful and energetic then his mood is more likely to be positive.

  • 7 It decreases depression

    According to a longitudinal study, coffee was found to decrease depression risk. People who consume a bigger amount of coffee were found to be less likely to get depressed.

  • 8 Psychological conditioning

    Because coffee stimulates the brain's reward system and makes people more energetic, people could get psychologically conditioned to it in such a case that they feel happy when they smell or drink it even before it takes effect.

  • 9 Positive mental associations

    Some people suggest that the positive mental association such as warmth, safety and comfort might be one of the reasons Coffee makes some people feel good.

  • 10 It makes people more positive

    According to a study, coffee can make people more likely to recognize positive words and sounds. This could mean that coffee might make a person selectively focus on the positive aspects of his life.