Why David Bowie was so influential

  • 1 Advocated experimentation

    David Bowie was known for experimenting with many different identities on stage which allowed teenagers and young adults to experiment more and not be afraid of change. 

  • 2 Fans identified with his songs

    Some fans said that David Bowie's songs provided them with 'an intensely personal experience' through which they were able to discover new things about themselves and the world. 

  • 3 Gave hope to people

    David Bowie with his uniqueness and eccentricity gave hope to the people who thought they were too weird to fit in society. 

  • 4 Sang for East Berlin

    David Bowie performed a concert in 1987 on the Western side of the Berlin Wall so as to allow the people of East Germany to listen as he sang the song 'Heroes'. This inspired the people of East Berlin and gave them hope of gaining freedom. 

  • 5 Inspired bisexuals

    David Bowie came out as bisexual in an interview in 1976. Since then, he has been inspiring many artists and performers to be open about their sexuality and not be afraid of experimenting with it. For example, singer Adam Lambert referred to Bowie as a 'key inspiration' in an article he wrote. 

  • 6 Inspired performers

    David Bowie was and still is a major influence and inspiration to many performers such as Lady Gaga who said Bowie is her 'alien prince' and he 'runs her universe', as she was inspired by his theatrical performances, fashionable clothing and his self-expression. 

  • 7 Inspired the fashion world

    Bowie's idiosyncratic fashion sense inspired the fashion world to try out different styles by adding feminine touches to menswear or putting glamorous rock make up on their models in fashion shows. 

  • 8 Influenced musicians

    David Bowie music did not stick to just one genre. He alternated between rock, pop, folk and soul. Bowie's flexibility in musical genres and his progressive music inspire musicians to change and try out new things. 

  • 9 Supported his friends

    David Bowie was a great supporter and investor in his friends' talents. Some of his friends eventually became famous figures such as Iggy Pop and Blondie.