Why Despacito is so popular

  • 1 Some words rhyme perfectly

    The song has some words that rhyme perfectly even for a person who doesn't understand Spanish such as 'Despacito', 'pasito a pasito', 'poquito a poquito' and more.

  • 2 It's a perfect dance song

    Despacito is a perfect dance song because it of its rhythm. The song motivates people to dance and move. This fact has led to increased popularity of the song.

  • 3 Cross-language rhyme

    The Rhyme of the song Despacito is very catchy that it appeals even to people who don't understand Spanish. This fact has allowed the song to become popular even in countries where Spanish is not a spoken language.

  • 4 Justin Bieber gave it a push

    Despacito’s Daddy Yankee remix, featuring Justin Bieber, gave the song a push as well; thus making the song even more popular.

  • 5 Words easily memorized

    Even for a person who never spoke Spanish, words such as 'Despacito' & 'pasito a pasito' can easily be memorized. This made it easier for the song to become popular.

  • 6 It activates the brain reward circuits

    When the brain expects a certain reward, some brain circuits are activated. When a person memorizes a few words in a song such as 'Despacito', their brain gets rewarded when they expect to hear it again. This reward anticipation cycle made the song very pleasing to the brain.

  • 7 It amplifies reward anticipation

    Right before the chorus kicks in, a subtle pace change happens in the chorus that makes people realize that the reward or the word 'despacito' is coming. This makes the song more rewarding to the brain, which is another reason behind its popularity.

  • 8 The artists were already popular

    The two artists, Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, were already very popular before the song was released. The popularity of the two artists helped the song get its initial push before it gained traction and went viral. See why some posts go viral on the internet.

  • 9 The word 'despacito' is rewarding

    The word 'despacito' itself is a rewarding word to the brain because it's divided into parts. As the singer says the first part, which is 'Des' then 'pa', the reward circuits in the brain get activated as the person anticipates the rest of the word.

  • 10 It features Miss Universe 2006

    The song features Miss Universe of 2006, Zuleyka Rivera. The popularity of the supermodel might have given the song an additional push.