Why Did Some People Hate Batman v Superman?

    Why Did Some People Hate Batman v Superman?

  • 1 The movie is long

    The movie was too long for casual movie-goers. The movie was originally four hours long, but the editing cut it down by a whole hour and a half.

  • 2 Too many points of interest

    The movie became distracting to the casual movie-goer due to its length and the many points the movie tried to tackle. The movie lost focus due to the editing and the amount of events involved.

  • 3 The DCEU is too dark


    One of the things that the Marvel Cinematic Universe got the movie-goers used to is the light-hearted universe. The DC Extended Universe is the complete opposite of Marvel in many ways which is something people aren't used to.

  • 4 Superman is too inexperienced and dark


    People are accustomed to Batman being the Dark Knight, while Superman being the Boy Scout. In this movie, along with Man of Steel, Superman cannot manage to smile. It's due to his inexperience as a superhero given that he has only worn the mantle for 2 years.

  • 5 Batman killing people


    Batman does not kill. However, after 20 years, he becomes a wrecking machine. He doesn't care for life. This Batman is old, which is not something people are used to. He doesn't kill people, but he doesn't mind letting them die. It's the Batman based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

  • 6 Flash doesn't make sense


    In one 'dream' sequence, the Flash makes an appearance. That moment was not something the movie-goers expected and it backfired. However, the second dream sequence in which the Flash appears, is a nod to the Injustice hardcore fans.

  • 7 Too many unexplained moments


    From dream sequences, to the Bat Armor, to Lex Luthor being insane, casual movie goers are not used to this kind of movies. However, it was the hardcore fans that loved those moments because they knew what was going on.

  • 8 Too many trailers in the movie


    In what seemed to be a rushed attempt to bring the DCEU to life, Zack Snyder managed to take a shortcut in adding a background story to the Justice League. However, most people dislike having a teaser within a movie until the credits roll.

  • 9 Lex Luthor was loved and hated


    It is not the bald and genius Lex Luthor we know and love/hate. This Lex Luthor has been driven to the edge of insanity by the presence of Darkseid. Another moment only hardcore fans would understand is the ending sequence for Lex Luthor.

  • 10 Zack Snyder gave too many nods to hardcore fans


    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is full of Easter Eggs that only hardcore fans would understand, from the Death of Superman to Injustice and even to the Dark Knight Returns. However, the director forgot that not only hardcore fans watch the movie.

  • 11 Two years of anticipation

    It started at comic con when Zack Snyder left the logo for Dawn of Justice on the screen while lines from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns that left fans going crazy. However, after two years and a couple of delays, people got bored.

  • 12 The fight only took 8 minutes


    While the title indicates that Batman will go toe-to-toe with Superman, the majority of the movie was building up to the climatic moment of the two superheroes clashing horns. The fight only lasted around 8 minutes; however, it is understandable that it would.

  • 13 The villain was underwhelming


    Doomsday isn't the villain of Dawn of Justice. In fact, the true villain of the movie is fear; fear manifested by the presence of Darkseid.

  • 14 Critics reviews

    Critics overwhelmed the movie for its poor quality which generated too much hate towards the movie before most of the movie-goers ever got to see it.