Why Do Some People Believe in Aliens

  • 1 Because of Science Fiction movies

    Science Fiction movies have tampered with the idea of extra-terrestrial life for a long time which has sparked the idea in many people’s imaginations.

  • 2 Because of the media

    The media has played a gigantic role in the spread of the belief of extra-terrestrial beings and sightings.

  • 3 The propaganda of area 51

    Area 51 has been under the focus of conspiracy theorists who have claimed that a crashed alien spaceship landed there.

  • 4 A lot of websites revolve around aliens

    A lot of websites go through in-depth articles that talk about alien encounters and UFO sightings.

  • 5 Some celebrities talk about aliens

    Some celebrities talk about aliens like the UFC former champion George Saint-Pierre who believes to have been abducted by aliens.

  • 6 A lot of people talk about encounters

    Many people have been vocal about encounters and abductions.

  • 7 Extra-terrestrial existence helps explain a lot of things

    The existence of aliens helps with the explanation of many things. Some people believe that they existed in the ancient times and helped build great monuments like the pyramids.

  • 8 People like easy explanations

    People like to have easier explanations to things that they cannot explain because of many psychological factors.

  • 9 It eases the idea of being alone

    Being alone as an intelligent species scares a lot of people; thus, it is easier to think that there are aliens out there, watching us.