Why dog face filter pictures are so popular

  • 1 It hides imperfections

    Filters usually hide imperfections in the face and that's one reason they become popular. The dog-face-filter hides noses, for example, and can make a picture look better. See why Instagram got popular.

  • 2 It makes the face more symmetrical

    According to experts, symmetrical faces look more attractive than non-symmetrical faces. Artificial filters make faces look more attractive as they make seem perfectly symmetrical. See why symmetrical faces are attractive.

  • 3 It is funny

    The fun element is usually one of the elements that can help a post or a trend become viral. When something is funny, people find a reward in sharing it with others.

  • 4 It elongates the face

    The dog face filter elongates the face of people; thus it makes some faces look better. When a person finds himself more attractive, he is encouraged to use a filter. See why Instagram filters are bad.

  • 5 Selfies are already popular

    Selfies became very popular as smartphones developed good cameras. The fact that people take lots of selfies pushed the trend of other filters. See why selfies are popular

  • 6 It makes women look cute

    The fact that the filter adds a cuteness element to the picture of the one who uses it has made it very popular among women who want to post cute pictures. See why cute things become popular.

  • 7 It changes other parts of the face

    The dog face filter smooths the skin, widens the eyes and thins the face. All of those things combined make women look much more attractive. See what makes a female's face attractive.

  • 8 Celebrities used it

    Many celebrities started posting pictures of themselves using the dog-face-filter. This made the filter even more popular.

  • 9 The love for puppies

    Humans love puppies and small pets. The filter makes someone look like a puppy; thus making them look more adorable.