Why Donald Trump seems to hate Obama

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    Why Donald Trump seems to hate Obama

  • 1 He thinks he is a terrible president

    On his official Facebook page Trump wrote 'I don't hate Obama at all, I just think he is an absolutely terrible president, maybe the worst in our history!'

  • 2 Trump belongs to a competing party

    Donald Trump is a republican, whereas Obama is a democrat. Given Trump's competitive nature it's normal that he dislikes members of the opposing party.

  • 3 To show that he can do better

    Trump said many positive things about Obama until 2010 where he turned against him. The fact that Trump wanted to replace Obama could have motivated him to start attacking him.

  • 4 Trump believes he ruined the economy

    Donald Trump believes that Obama's decisions including creating Obama Care had a bad impact on the economy.

  • 5 Obama won against Romney and Machin

    In the 2 elections Obama went through Trump was supporting candidates who went against Obama. Both Romney and Machin lost. This could have led to Trump's negative feelings towards Obama. See why some people hate Trump.

  • 6 Trump thinks Obama was born in Kenya

    Trump thinks that Obama was born in Kenya and that he lied about his birth place.

  • 7 The racist theory

    According to some people, Trump has racist tendencies and according to that theory, he hates Obama because he is a black African American with Muslim origins. See why Trump is so famous.

  • 8 Obama said Trump can't be president

    President Obama said that Trump won't be president as this job is harder than running a talk show. The fact that the comment sounded humiliating could have fueled Trump's anger. See why some people support Donald Trump.

  • 9 Obama made fun of him on several occasions

    President Obama made fun of Donald Trump in a humorous way on several occasions. Because Trump is an egoistic person, he could have hated that. See how Donald Trump made his money.