Why Donald Trump wants to deport Illegal Immigrants

    Why Donald Trump wants to deport Illegal Immigrants

  • 1 He believes some of them are Criminals

    Donald Trump has said more than once that the Mexican government sends criminals, rapists and drug dealers. He also said he has evidence to prove it. See why some people hate Donald Trump.

  • 2 He believes US shouldn't pay for those people

    Trump believes that Mexico should care for it's people and that it's not the US responsibility to pay for the illegal ones.

  • 3 He believes they are challenging the authority of the USA

    Trump has pointed out many times that the US doesn't have borders anymore ,referring to the ease of getting in and out by illegal immigrates. Trump wants to enforce law and make the US more authoritative over its borders. See why some people support Trump.

  • 4 He said it costs the US 200 billion dollars a year

    Trump said in one interview that it costs the US 200 Billion dollars a year to have illegal immigrants. See also how Donald Trump became a Billionaire.

  • 5 Some people connect it to racism

    Some people believe that Donald Trump wants to do so because he has some racist beliefs. See why some people are Racist.

  • 6 He doesn't mind they come back legally

    Donald Trump said more than once that he doesn't mind if those people came back through a legal channel. He said they can't stay as illegal citizens.

  • 7 He believes they cause problems

    Trump has pointed out that Illegal immigrants are the ones who are usually problem citizens in their countries and that their countries get rid of them by sending them to the USA. See why Donald Trump is so famous

  • 8 A matter of Ego

    Some people have connected Trump's plans with Ego issues. Those people believe that Trump , who is egoistic according to their view, doesn't want people to come into his country by force.