Why Drake's hotline bling Meme went viral

    Why Drake's hotline bling Meme went viral

  • 1 The song is very popular

    Drake's song 'hotline bling' got popular fast. It was published on Youtube on October 26 2015 and by October 31 it had more than 16 million views.

  • 2 The move was very generic

    Drake's way of dancing was so generic that it could fit so many kinds of different Memes. See why Memes are popular.

  • 3 The memes produced were funny

    As some of the memes produced were so funny many people started producing their own versions hoping to get some views. See why Some posts go viral.

  • 4 The new embedded Facebook videos helped

    The new embedded Facebook videos, which play as people scroll down the Newsfeed, gave some of those viral videos a push. See why Facebook reach is going down.

  • 5 The dance was novel

    According to psychologists novel things catch people's attention. As the dance was novel compared to what people have seen before it caught their attention.

  • 6 The Dance was Bizarre

    According to Time magazine many people found the dance to be Bizarre. This led to more popularity since people usually ignore what's common and usual. See why unexpected things catch our attention.

  • 7 Some people loved the dance

    According to Time magazine many people liked Drake's dance. This kind of controversy surrounding the dance led to more popularity. See why controversy makes things more popular.

  • 8 Some people starting imitating the dance

    Some people started imitating the dance and posting their videos. This led to more popularity of the dance.

  • 9 More people discovered the song

    As more memes circulated on the internet more people discovered the song and this in turn lead to more viral videos. See why videos go viral - Kevin Allccoa.