Why Facebook Messenger has bots

  • 1 To carry out human-like conversations

    Facebook's aims with the bots it's integrating in the Messenger app is for the bots to be able to carry out a human-like conversations with users.

  • 2 To help users in their daily lives

    Facebook wants bots to help users in their daily lives by allowing them to make dinner reservations or reserve flights, for example, without having to leave the app.

  • 3 They don't want users to leave the app

    Facebook doesn't want its user to leave the Messenger app so it's working on providing users with in-app access to everything they need through the bots.

  • 4 To become like a directory

    Facebook wants Messenger to be the number one chatting app people all over the world use. Messenger chief David Marcus says the app is becoming 'the digital version of the white pages and the yellow pages'.

  • 5 To connect with businesses and brands

    Facebook rolled out about 100,000 bots to allow users to connect with businesses and their favorite brands and get updates about their favorite celebrities. 

  • 6 Artificial Intelligence is the future of the world

    AI is rapidly spreading all over the world and facilitating many daily tasks that humans had to manually carry out. Facebook is following the same path with its bots because they see a big potential in them.

  • 7 To do humanitarian Good

    Facebook bots are used for humanitarian good such as UNICEF using it to listen to the issues young people are facing all over the world, which goes hand in hand with the company's mission to 'build a global community', as Mark Zuckerberg wrote in his manifesto. 

  • 8 To entertain users

    Facebook's bots can provide users with fun entertainment when they're bored such as playing games, which ensures that they will come back to the app often.

  • 9 They're easy to use

    Facebook tries to simplify its apps so that it's convenient for users. Bots are useful for users because they're easy to chat with and get information from.

  • 10 They're good for businesses

    Businesses are leaning more towards developing bots to engage with their customers and provide a user-friendly experience, which increases the demand for bots.