Why Facebook ads are not effective

    Why Facebook ads are not effective

  • 1 People are in the mood for procrastination

    Some people believe that people check Facebook mostly in order to procrastinate and waste time. As a result, those people think that Facebook ads can't be effective since people won't be in the mood for buying something or exploring something new.

  • 2 People don't like to leave Facebook

    As technology made people more lazy, many of them find it hard to leave Facebook. Because people became more reluctant to follow an external link, especially if it's an ad, ads became less effective.

  • 3 Ads can be annoying

    Many Facebook users find ads to be very annoying especially the ones using smart phones with smaller screens. Some people automatically get annoyed the moment they see an ad no matter what the ad says and this makes ads less effective.

  • 4 Facebook has too many ads

    Facebook is now loaded with ads. When competition becomes higher and the number of advertisers increase, the average person sees more ads. This one factor makes ads much less effective. See why ads are bad for your site.

  • 5 Pages don't reflect real interests

    So many people like a large number of pages including pages of brands without having real passion for those pages. When an advertiser targets people based on interests, his ad will be shown to people who are not interested.

  • 6 Interests depend on the mood

    Even if a person is interested in something, he might not be in the mood to check out something related to it, especially when it's an ad. People check Facebook while they are in different moods and so the ads might not be that effective. 

  • 7 Users aren't looking for solutions

    When a person uses Google Search, he is actively looking for a solution to a problem. When a person checks Facebook he might have different intentions in mind such as connecting with friends or finding the latest news. This is why ads on Facebook can be less effective than Google ads.

  • 8 The cost is on the rise

    Facebook ads are increasing in prices every now and then. As ads become costlier, they become less effective to some advertisers. 

  • 9 Facebook made leaving the site unpleasant

    The Facebook team made changes to the site to keep people on it even after they click on an external link. While viewing an external link people can click 'back to Facebook' to leave the external site. Those changes have conditioned people to prefer staying on Facebook than to leave.

  • 10 Too much competition

    As the competition increased, so many companies started competing for eye-balls. This made the ads less effective than they were before.

  • 11 Facebook likes are useless

    With the consistent decrease in organic reach, Facebook page likes are becoming less and less effective. Even when a campaign brings lots of likes, the likes can still be unworthy to the business.