Why Facebook can destroy friendships

    Why Facebook can destroy friendships

  • 1 Perception problems

    On Facebook, a person can make a conclusion about someone even if it's not correct because of perception errors. If someone didn't congratulate you on Facebook after you posted some kind of an achievement then you might conclude that this person doesn't really like you or that they are jealous.

  • 2 Interpreting comments in a wrong way

    On Facebook, a person can easily misunderstand the intention behind a comment and assume that the one who posted it had bad intentions. This can result in lots of tensions between people and eventually to hatred.

  • 3 It can lead to misunderstandings

    Because most communication on Facebook happens through text messages, a person can easily misunderstand someone and so get into a verbal fight with them that would lead to hatred.

  • 4 It stimulates conflicts

    According to psychologists, people can become aggressive when a debate involves their core beliefs. Because many people post their beliefs on Facebook, conflicts can easily happen and people might end up having a verbal fight. See also why Facebook is bad for your mental health.

  • 5 Personal opinions can affect friendships

    People might silently have a change of heart towards a person as a result of their posts. A person, for example, might slowly dislike someone who has opposing political views.

  • 6 Lack of face to face interactions

    The lack of face to face interactions can make comments seem more aggressive, unfriendly and provoking. This in turn can lead to hatred. See why people hate you for no reason.

  • 7 Jealousy causes hatred

    Jealousy is one of the very powerful human emotions and it can easily lead to hatred. If a person constantly posts their achievements on Facebook then some of their friends might get jealous and this might affect their relationships.

  • 8 Public criticism

    On Facebook, some people might criticize their friends publicly on their wall. For some people, this can be considered an offensive move and so it might lead to problems with their friendship.

  • 9 It tells you when others ignore you

    A person might find out through Facebook that some of their friends planned for something without them such as a trip. This can make the person feel unloved and can result in problems with the friendship. See why Facebook is bad for your self esteem.