Why Facebook disabled my account

    Why Facebook disabled my account

  • 1 You are spamming people

    If Facebook detects any spamming behavior coming from your account, it will disable your account. 

  • 2 Using a fake name

    If you're not using your real name on Facebook, there's a high possibility that your account will be disabled since it's against Facebook's rules. 

  • 3 Impersonating someone

    If you're pretending to be someone else, Facebook has the right to disable your account since you're harming other people around you.

  • 4 Promoting hate

    Facebook disables accounts that promote hate and violence or threatening people. 

  • 5 Posting graphic pictures

    Facebook disables accounts that post photos of nude people or graphic photos that are not suitable for all ages. 

  • 6 Harassing or bullying people

    Accounts that harass or bully people may be reported by a large number of people, which usually results in being disabled by Facebook. 

  • 7 Part of unlawful multi-level marketing

    Facebook has zero tolerance towards unlawful multi-level marketing such as the pyramid scheme, which leads to some accounts being disabled. 

  • 8 You're accessing someone else's account

    If Facebook finds out that you're trying to access someone else's account, it might result in disabling your own personal account. 

  • 9 Using your account for commercial gain

    In some cases, Facebook disables accounts that use their personal account for commercial gain. Facebook Pages are to be used for that purpose instead. 

  • 10 You made a new account after you've been disabled

    If you try to get around being disabled by making a new account, Facebook will disable that account as well. You must take Facebook's permission first before creating a new account. 

  • 11 Violating someone else's rights

    If your account engages in the act of violating someone else's rights such as posting their pictures without permission will result in your account being disabled. 

  • 12 Violating people's intellectual property rights

    If you repeatedly violate the intellectual property rights of other people, Facebook will disable your account. 

  • 13 Uploading malicious content

    If you upload malicious content such as viruses through your account intended to harm people's accounts or computers, Facebook will disable your account.