Why Facebook is bad for your mental health

    Why Facebook is bad for your mental health

  • 1 It promotes jealousy

    According to psychologists, seeing people posting about the good things in their own lives can promote jealousy and make you feel unhappy. As you realize you are not that fortunate compared to your friends, you might feel bad about yourself.

  • 2 Procrastination leads to guilt

    Facebook is one of the main tools people use to procrastinate and waste time. As a person wastes time on Facebook, they might end up feeling guilty and unhappy.

  • 3 Too many negative posts

    Facebook can have so many negative posts since people can post about almost everything. Getting exposed to too much negativity can ruin one's mood and cause unhappiness. See why Facebook is too negative.

  • 4 It promotes narcissism

    According to psychologists, most social networks promote narcissism as they motivate people to keep collecting friends, fans and followers in order to satisfy their egos.

  • 5 It can result in low self-esteem

    Facebook might cause low self-esteem as you keep comparing yourself to your friends all the time. Because people usually compare themselves to others who are better than them, this habit can result in low self-esteem.

  • 6 It can make you feel unloved

    If you get few or interactions from your friends then you might mistakenly think that you are unloved. This feeling can ruin your self-esteem.

  • 7 It can make you feel unpopular

    It's not uncommon for a person to compare the number of friends they have to the number of friends their friends have. This type of comparison can make you feel unpopular. See why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 8 It can change your beliefs about things

    Facebook's newsfeed is highly personalized. This means that Facebook makes you see the posts that might suit you. Because you will see different posts than your friends, each of you might develop different beliefs about the world.

  • 9 It can impact your career

    So many people lost their jobs because their employers saw some of their Facebook posts. Facebook can thus have a negative impact on your career.

  • 10 It can affect your brain chemistry

    According to psychologists, people can get addicted to Facebook the same way they get addicted to drugs as the chemical dopamine, which is responsible for seeking rewards, gets released in the brain. Facebook addiction results in the release of dopamine just like drug addiction.

  • 11 It can lead to anxiety

    According to psychologists, a person can feel anxious after posting because of not knowing how their posts are going to be perceived by others. The pressure to respond to certain comments can also cause anxiety.

  • 12 It can cause depression

    According to studies, Facebook can lead to depression because of the constant harsh comparisons people make between them and their friends.

  • 13 It can ruin relationships

    Facebook might cause problems in your current relationship. As partners find the ones they are with interacting with friends and strangers they might get jealous and problems might arise.

  • 14 It might get you attached to the wrong people

    According to psychologists, as we see pictures and posts of some people often we might become attached to them. In such a case, the brain might mistakenly thinks that those people are good matches for us.