Why Facebook is bad for your self-esteem

    Why Facebook is bad for your self-esteem

  • 1 It can make you feel unpopular

    According to psychologists, humans keep comparing themselves to others all the time. When you see your friends having more friends or getting more likes and comments than you, you might feel unpopular and unloved.

  • 2 It can make you feel unloved

    According to psychologists, the emotions we feel depend greatly on our interpretation of events. If you interpreted a specific event negatively on Facebook, such as not getting a birthday greeting from a person, then you might feel unloved and so lose faith in yourself.

  • 3 It can make you jealous

    Facebook and all other social networks can make you feel jealous of your friends as a result of comparing yourself to them. The more you see pictures of others, the more you will compare yourself to them and the more jealous you might feel. See why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 4 You will measure your worth by likes

    When a person uses Facebook often, they will be forced to measure a part of their worth by the likes and comments they get. If you aren't lucky enough to be getting a lot of engagements on your posts then your self-esteem might be affected. See why some people never like your posts.

  • 5 You might feel ignored

    When you don't get many notifications on Facebook, you might feel ignored or that people don't care about you. This can also have an impact on your self-esteem.

  • 6 You will compare yourself to everybody

    According to psychologists, comparing yourself to others can ruin your self-esteem. So many people post their achievements on Facebook and so you will find yourself comparing yourself to the achievements of everyone you know.

  • 7 Your life might seem sad

    People try to post the best things on their social network accounts. When you see others having fun, traveling, and into relationships you might feel that you have a bad life and so lose a part of your self-esteem.

  • 8 It can increase your anxiety

    According to studies, posting on Facebook might increase anxiety as the person anxiously awaits the responses they will get from their friends. Anticipating negative responses can certainly increase anxiety and lower self-esteem. See why some people leave negative comments on your wall.

  • 9 Some bad news can ruin your self-esteem

    On Facebook, some bad news can hardly be avoided. Some bad news about your ex for example can ruin your mood and lower your self-esteem.

  • 10 You might feel less attractive

    When you see pictures of people who look better than you, your self-esteem might get lower. On social networks, everyone tries to post their best pictures in order to get more likes and this can make your self-esteem worse.