Why Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat

    Why Facebook offered $3 billion for Snapchat

  • 1 Teens are shifting away from Facebook

    Many Teens consider Facebook the social network for grown ups. Those teens use Instagram, Whatsapp , Snapchat and other Apps to communicate with each other. See why some teens don't like Facebook.

  • 2 Photo-sharing is one of Facebook's core features

    Photo-sharing is one of the core features of Facebook. Facebook acquired both Instagram and Whatsapp when people started sharing photos on them instead of Facebook. Snapchat's popularity was growing as a photo-sharing App.

  • 3 Facebook was late to move to mobile

    Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook was late to move to mobile. Facebook is trying to fix this mistake by buying successful Mobile Apps.

  • 4 Teens think that Snapchat is cool

    Facebook warned its investors that Teens are getting bored of Facebook. On the other hand teens found Snapchat to be cool and interesting. See why Facebook is losing popularity.

  • 5 To protect Facebook's future

    Facebook might have worried about their Future. If the upcoming generations moved away from Facebook the company might die. See why people like Snapchat.

  • 6 People Share as much photos on Snapchat as Facebook

    Snapchat reported that people share around 350 million photos per day on it. According to Wired that is about the same rate of sharing on Facebook. See why some Facebook users keep posting all the time.

  • 7 Facebook's Snapchat clone Failed

    Facebook's Snapchat clone , which was called poke, failed to compete with Snapchat and had to be pulled away. See why Poke failed to beat Snapchat.

  • 8 It's the third most popular social media App

    At the time of the bidding Snapchat was the third most popular social media App in the USA after Facebook and Instagram.

  • 9 Facebook expected Snapchat to grow fast

    At the time of the bid Snapchat had around 30 million active users. Facebook expected that number to keep rising. See why Snapchat turned down Facebook's $3 Billion Offer.

  • 10 Facebook offered $1 billion dollars first

    It was reported that Facebook offered $1 Billion first then later it offered $3 Billion when Snapchat turned down the first offer. See how Snapchat started.