Why Facebook wants people to use real names

    Why Facebook wants people to use real names

  • 1 To prevent abusive actions

    According to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, the real name policy can protect users against abuse because people are less likely to do abusive actions with their real names displayed.

  • 2 To prevent fake profiles

    Facebook does not want people to create fake profiles and unreal accounts. The real name policy ensures that Facebook users are real people. See why some people create fake social profiles.

  • 3 To locate people easily

    Facebook is a social network that is based on establishing connections between friends. If people do not use real names then it would become hard for people to find their friends or relatives.

  • 4 For advertising to be more effective

    Facebook depends largely on ads for revenue. Ads can be more effective when the targeted people are real and when they have real identities. See why Facebook ads are not effective.

  • 5 For people to be accountable

    According to Facebook policy director, Monika Bickert, Facebook wants people to be accountable for the things they write. This can hardly happen if people created fake profiles with fake names.

  • 6 For people to feel safe

    Facebook users are more likely to share things and express themselves freely if they know that you are the person you say you are. Real name policy thus enforces sharing, posting and overall communication on Facebook.

  • 7 To prevent bullying

    Facebook wants people to use their real name so that bullying and different kinds of harassment can be reduced since people are less likely to do wrong actions when they have real names.