Why Final Fantasy XV is good

    Why Final Fantasy XV is good

  • 1 Improved combat system

    The combat system has been improved in such a way that it appeals to both new comers and old fans. Many reviewers expressed their content with the new combat system.

  • 2 Retaining the old elements

    Some fans praised the game for retaining many of the original elements. Those fans felt familiar with the game, as it contained elements from previous Final Fantasy games. See Why some people didn't like Final Fantasy XV.

  • 3 The open world was well designed

    Many reviewers praised the game's open world for its good design. According to GameSpot, which gave the game 8/10, Final Fantasy XV's world was beautiful.

  • 4 The journey is exciting

    According to Game Informer, which gave the game 8.5/10, the journey throughout the game was exciting and full of memorable moments.

  • 5 The graphics look good

    Many reviewers and gamers praised the graphics and the design of the open world. Many players were happy with the level of graphics which helped them feel connected to the game. See why Final Fantasy games are usually long.

  • 6 Low expectations

    Many reviewers were disappointed by the trailer released earlier before the game. The low expectations many people had made the game seem much better when they got their hands on it.

  • 7 Monster design

    The design of the monster was praised by many gamers. The monsters looked realistic and at the same time resembled many of the old Final Fantasy monsters. See also why many people loved Final Fantasy 7.

  • 8 Proper modernizing

    Many people praised the way the game was modernized and said that the right mix was found between a final fantasy game and a modern world.

  • 9 It has many new elements

    Many praised the game for having many new elements such as the vast open world part. This made the game very different from other final fantasy games while retaining the core experience.

  • 10 Interesting side quests

    Some reviewers praised the side quests for being interesting and diverse. They said that the nature of the side quests made the game exciting.

  • 11 Good music

    The soundtracks of Final Fantasy XV were as good as the tracks of many of the old popular Final Fantasy games. The interesting tracks made the game more exciting.

  • 12 The non-linear experience

    Many people praised the non-linear experience of the game. Unlike old Final Fantasy games where the path was almost linear, the new Final Fantasy allows for more exploration and adventure.