Why Instagram deleted my account

  • 1 Sharing copyrighted photos

    According to Instagram's Community Guidelines, you should only share photos that you have taken and have rights for. Posting pictures of others or violating copyright rules can get your account disabled.

  • 2 You posted nude photos

    Posting nude photos is against Instagram's guidelines. Instagram wants you to post photos that are appropriate for a diverse audience. According to Instagram, posting nude photos or photos that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks are prohibited.

  • 3 You are collecting fake likes

    Instagram wants you to have genuine interactions. Collecting fake likes, buying fake followers or posting repetitive content might get your account disabled. See why Instagram is fake.

  • 4 You promote illegal content

    Your account can get disabled if you promote illegal content or products. Trying to sell weapons, drugs or sexual services might get your account disabled. See why Instagram is popular.

  • 5 Posting intimate photos of others

    According to Instagram's community guidelines, the Instagram team has zero tolerance for posting intimate pictures of others or threatening to post their intimate pictures.

  • 6 Constantly trying to contact people

    If you are constantly bothering people with messages or requests, your account might get disabled if your account gets reported. 

  • 7 Spreading hate

    Spreading hateful comments or posting hateful pictures can get your account disabled. Offensive comments and hateful interactions might put your account at risk. See why Instagram is bad for you.

  • 8 Attacking people

    Instagram doesn't attack others based on religion, race, sex, gender, disabilities, or diseases. According to the Instagram team, accounts that display racist behavior get disabled.

  • 9 Encouraging self-injury

    According to the Instagram team, accounts that encourage self-injury or that promote harmful behavior such as suicide will be disabled.

  • 10 Using graphic violence

    Sharing violent images, using graphic violence or encouraging violent and sadistic behavior will result in the disabling of the Instagram account. See why your Instagram followers dropped suddenly

  • 11 Creating accounts for others

    Instagram doesn't allow people to create accounts except for themselves unless they are authorized to do so. Fake accounts get disabled by Instagram.

  • 12 You are spamming people

    Instagram doesn't allow people to use their account for spamming purposes. People who spam others, in order to promote a product, for example, might get their accounts disabled. See why Facebook is better than Instagram.