Why Instagram followers dropped suddenly

  • 1 People are unfollowing you

    People could unfollow others for various reasons. One of the most popular reasons for the drop of followers is people unfollowing you.

  • 2 Instagram is deleting spam accounts

    Instagram tries to keep the service clean by deleting spam accounts. If many spam accounts were following you then your account might experience a sudden drop in followers.

  • 3 Deletion of Inactive accounts

    Some inactive accounts might be considered Spam accounts by Instagram and so they might get deleted as well.

  • 4 Your purchased followers

    Most services that sell followers provide people with fake accounts that are very likely to be deleted when Instagram initiates a clean up. See why Instagram is popular.

  • 5 You didn't follow people back

    Many accounts unfollow people if they didn't follow them back. If you didn't follow back a large number of people then your follower count might drop. See why Instagram is bad for your mental health.

  • 6 Offensive post

    An offensive post , such as a racist post, could motivate many people to unfollow you at once.

  • 7 A bug increased your followers

    Instagram once announced that a bug resulted in increasing follower count and that the follower count will be reduced once again after the bug is fixed.

  • 8 Instagram targetting purchased followers

    Purchased followers might affect the quality of the social network and as a result the Instagram team might try to delete them even if they seemed like real accounts.