Why Kenya is poor

    Why Kenya is poor

  • 1 Overly dependant on Agriculture

    The country is overly dependant on Agriculture as three quarters of Kenya's population depend on the Agriculture industry. Because the weather can be highly unstable food supply and jobs can vary greatly.

  • 2 poor government policies in the 70s and 80s

    Poor government policies and international trade terms have reduced the countries GDP and affected the exports badly.

  • 3 Weak infrastructure

    The weak infrastructure forces people to rely on farming to get food and find jobs. This creates a very unstable environment for both people looking for food and jobs.

  • 4 Corrupted government

    According to Transparency International, Kenya is one of the most corrupt nations in the world. While some reforms have started taking place in the 2000s still the level of corruption is too high to promote an economic recovery.


  • 5 High export Tarrifs

    Rich countries have imposed high export Tariffs to protect their own industries. This created a serious problem for Kenya as its exports became more expensive for other people to buy.

  • 6 Laid back attitude

    A part of Kenya's culture involves beliefs that promote being laid back and relaxed. Many Kenya's might use those beliefs as an excuse not to be productive.

  • 7 Environmental problem

    Environmental problems such as declining soil fertility, Poor water management, soil erosion and climate change are among the factors affecting Kenya negatively.

  • 8 Natural disasters affect crops

    Natural disasters such as droughts affect crops and this in turn harms the country's economy.

  • 9 Growing population

    Kenya's growing population represents a challenge to the country which already suffers from poverty. As the number of people increase in Keyna and the country's problems remain the same poverty increases.

  • 10 Beliefs about poverty

    According to an article in Buzzkenya some Kenyans believe that poverty is a curse and that once a person is born poor he will die poor. This kind of belief system could have also fueled the laid back attitude some kenyans have.