Why Logan is the best X-Men movie

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    Why Logan is the best X-Men movie

  • 1 It was rated-R

    Logan (2017) is the first X-Men movie that was rated-R because of the violence, gore and language in it.

  • 2 Wolveirne is X-Men's most popular character

    Wolverine has been one of the most popular characters in the X-Men universe even before the movies. Hugh Jackman boosted the fanbase of the character widely when he played it in X-Men (2000), making it become a very centric character.

  • 3 It takes from Old Man Logan

    Old Man Logan is one of the most well-known X-Men comic arcs because it takes on Wolverine when he grew older. The story of the movie is loosely based on the character and it depicts it very well.

  • 4 It introduces a new aspect of the universe

    The introduction of the world after the wide demolishing of mutants in the movie brought out an alternative universe to the one the X-Men in the Days of Future past is carrying. It shows how the world would be for Mutants after being wiped out.

  • 5 It shows Wolverine old

    Wolverine (Logan) is old in the movie. His healing factor doesn't work as good as it used to, which makes him a weaker character. This adds a dramatic sense to the movie unlike the other Wolverine and X-Men titles. 

  • 6 It has a dramatic arc

    The dramatic arc of having an aged Wolverine and a sick Professor Xavier attempting to retire from the world makes the story even deeper. It shows a father-son relationship between Professor X and Logan, which has never been seen before.

  • 7 It introduces X-23

    X-23 is an 11 year old girl with the mutant abilities of Wolverine as they were taken from his DNA. It comes as a surprise to Logan when he discovers that it is his DNA that was used on her. This forces him to take a father-daughter approach with her and try to protect her.

  • 8 It shows the human-side of the superhero

    Wolverine has been known to be a ruthless superhero despite his human sentiment at times. The movie digs deep into his personality and shows how he would act in moments of conflict with himself.

  • 9 It is Jackman's last X-Men

    Hugh Jackman has been the Wolverine in the X-Men Universe since 2000. It was announced prior to the movie that it was Jackman's last appearance as the Wolverine, which makes it a must-see for fans. However, after 17 years in the character, Jackman delivered his best performance as Logan.

  • 10 It is a dark movie

    The movie is a very dark one with a lot of depressing and sad moments. The movie is very emotional in several aspects that make it a very personal movie.

  • 11 It's more personal than other movies

    The movie is likely the most personal movie in the superhero genre. There is no global disaster that is happening and there is no villain seeking to destroy the world. It is a movie that doesn't try to make a huge bang, but a more personal one with Logan.

  • 12 It has violent fights

    The fight scenes in the movie are not on par with other superhero movies, yet they stand out because of the violence that the R-Rating allowed. The fights between Wolverine and X24 are brutal and satisfying.

  • 13 It ends the Wolverine era

    Logan ends with one of the most tragic endings in a superhero movie with the death of the Wolverine that fans grew up watching. This marks the last appearance of the Wolverine we know.