Why many people support Abdel Fattah El Sisi

    Why many people support Abdel Fattah El Sisi

  • 1 They view him as a saviour

    Some Egyptians consider El Sisi a savior who redeemed them from the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. During the period of the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, the country was in an unstable state due to many reasons, and so many people hated the phase.

  • 2 They believe he is the only strong person to lead the country

    Some people believe that El Sisi is the only strong person available to lead the country during the hard times it was going through at the time of the presidential election (See also why the Egyptian revolution started).

  • 3 Some people prefer a military person

    Many Egyptians prefer a military person to take charge of the country because of believing that a civil person would hardly be able to control the police force, the military and the other vital institutions inside the country.

  • 4 The Muslim Brotherhood were declared terrorists by the Egyptian media

    After the declaration of the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian media as a terrorist organization, many started viewing El Sisi as the one who saved them from terrorism.

  • 5 He became the symbol of caring about Egypt

    With the extensive help of the media, many of the Egyptian people started to believe that supporting El Sisi is the same as supporting Egypt and that going against him is like giving their backs to the country or even becoming traitors.

  • 6 Hatred of Islamic parties

    Because of the great instability that took place inside Egypt right after the revolution, Islamic parties, and specifically the Muslim brotherhood, were blamed for everything that went wrong. As a result, so many people hated Islamic parties and preferred a different rule.

  • 7 The media supports El Sisi aggressivly

    Most Egyptian TV channels, including the private ones, support El Sisi greatly and keep influencing people to like his good deeds and to overlook his mistakes.

  • 8 Some believe he is very brave

    The fact that General El Sisi removed the former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi right in the middle of his rule made so many people believe that El Sisi is a brave person who can lead Egypt.

  • 9 Those who object are oppressed

    Most people who objected to El Sisi's rules were oppressed, in mysterious ways sometimes. The most famous case is of the satirical comedian Bassem Youssef who is believed to have been prevented from appearing on TV again after making fun of El Sisi in his famous Show 'El-Barnameg'.

  • 10 Unhappy but unable to speak

    Some of the people who elected Abd El Fattah El Sisi are not happy by the outcomes, yet the desire to be right, peer pressure and the fear of appearing to be hesitant is preventing them from speaking out.

  • 11 El Sisi gives good emotional speeches

    Many Egyptians are emotional by nature. The fact that El Sisi gives good emotional speeches helped him become widely popular among Egyptians. He became famous for saying the phhrase 'Don't you know that you are the light of our eyes?' referring to Egyptians.

  • 12 Most Arab leaders supported him

    Most Arab countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates supported El Sisi. The fact that the country was in desperate need of the Gulf money to survive made El Sisi seem like the best survival option the country has.

  • 13 No other strong competitors were there

    Apart from Hamdeen Sabahy, who was supported by a smaller number of Egyptians, there was no real competition against el Sisi and thus many believed that he is the best option available.