Why McDonald's is bad for your health

    Why McDonald's is bad for your health

  • 1 Has large amounts of fat

    McDonald's meals and sandwiches have a large amount of fats. Excessive fats might harm one's health and might also lead to weight gain. See how fatty meals affect your body.

  • 2 Large amount of sugar

    McDonald's coke, deserts and some other products contain large amounts of sugar. Large amounts of sugar can cause an array of health problems.

  • 3 Large amounts of salt

    McDonald's fries and some other products contain large amounts of salt. Salt can lead to high blood pressure, kidney problems, water retention and high blood pressure. See why salt is bad for your health.

  • 4 High amount of calories

    McDonald's meals, especially large ones, can contain a significantly high amount of calories. The can lead to weight gain.

  • 5 Fried food is bad for health

    McDonald's fries, McNuggets and other products can be bad for a person's health because they are fried. According to diet experts, grilled food is a much better option for staying healthy than fried food.

  • 6 Preservatives can be harmful

    The use of preservatives to keep food fresh-looking can result in bad health consequences. McDonald's might be using excessive preservatives to give the food its fresh look.

  • 7 Artificial flavouring is bad

    McDonald's uses artificial flavouring for some of its product. The artificial flavouring might contain many unhealthy ingredients such as salt and sugar.

  • 8 It leads to weight gain

    There are many cases where it was shown that eating McDonald's for some time can lead to weight gain. For a personal to maintain their weight while eating from McDonald's, they need to do a considerable amount of exercise.

  • 9 Artificial food

    McDonald's adds a lot of processing to its food in order to make it tasty. This led many people to believe that McDonald's food is almost artificial.

  • 10 The use of dextrose

    McDonald's uses a type of sugar called dextrose to give flavor to many of its products. Too much dextrose can be bad for a person's health.

  • 11 Uses color preservation

    McDonald's uses some color preservation chemicals such as sodium acid pyrophosphate. This chemical can help fries retain their color but can be harmful for a person's health.

  • 12 Too much chemicals

    Since McDonald's food is highly proceed, it contains many unnatural components that can harm one's health over the long term.