Why Mexico is dangerous

    Why Mexico is dangerous

  • 1 High crime rate

    Mexico has a high crime rate, including assault and theft, due to drug trafficking. The high crime rate has been increasing and many of the crimes are considered very violent.

  • 2 High murder rate

    Mexico has a high crime and murder rate. According to Wikipedia, the murder rate in 2015 was 14 per 100,000 persons.

  • 3 Drug trafficking

    Drugs originated in south America are passed through Mexico in order to be delivered to the US. Drug trafficking results in so many crimes. Half of the crimes reported in Mexico are usually connected to drug trafficking. See why people consume drugs.

  • 4 Drug cartels

    Drug cartels, Mexican criminal syndicates, are present throughout Mexico.  Drug cartels play a major role in the flow of drugs, and as a result, are a direct cause of the high crime rates.

  • 5 Police corruption

    The high level of corruption, especially among the Mexican police, contributes directly to the high crime rate in Mexico. Many police officers are bribed to ignore crime or even protect criminals.

  • 6 Police involved in crime

    Many police officers in Mexico are directly connected to the crimes or are connected with the drug cartels. This results in a higher crime rate and a better environment for the criminals to work in.

  • 7 Corruption in judiciary

    Because there is a high level of corruption in judiciary in Mexico, many criminals are not properly punished and many crimes are not instigated properly. This factor encourages criminals to do more crime.

  • 8 Tourist kidnapping

    According to Wikipedia, tourists who go to mexico are at risk of extortion, being kidnapped or being robbed. Taxi robberies and armed robberies are also popular in Mexico.

  • 9 Gun battles

    Gun battles between different gangs can take place in Mexico even in day light. Even though an unrelated person might not be targeted directly, they still might be hurt as a result of the gun fire.

  • 10 Many roads are not safe in the dark

    The US Department of State has warned its citizens about travelling at night in Mexico due to the risk of robbery or kidnapping. The Department of State has also marked many areas in Mexico as unsafe.

  • 11 Many states are marked unsafe

    According to the US Department of State, many Mexican states are either marked unsafe or relatively safe (safe inside tourist areas only). The states that were marked completely safe are only 14 states among the 31 states.