Why Michael Phelps retired

    Why Michael Phelps retired

  • 1 He wanted to end his career on a good note

    Michael Phelps retired once in 2012, but came back 4 years later to compete in the 2016 Rio Olympics. According to Phelps, he wanted to officially end his swimming career on a good note in Rio.

  • 2 He felt he didn't do his best in 2012 London Games

    Michael Phelps felt that his performance in the 2012 London Games wasn't his best, which is why he decided to quit after proving to be the best in Rio. 

  • 3 He wants to spend time with his family

    Phelps wanted to continue building a family with his fiancee and 3-month-old son. He especially doesn't want to miss seeing his son growing older. 

  • 4 He wants to begin a new chapter in his life

    Being a swimmer for almost his entire life, Phelps wanted to try out something different. According to Phelps, it's not the end of a career, but the start of a new journey. 

  • 5 He is getting too old

    At the age of 31, Phelps' performance was starting to lose power, which was why it was time for him to retire after a long successful career. 

  • 6 He doesn't want to risk it

    Phelps decided to retire after Rio Olympics because he didn't want to risk sabotaging his legacy if he competes in the next Olympics.

  • 7 He's in a good place in his life

    Following a DUI and a visit to rehab in 2014, Phelps changed his life around and made amends with his family and friends. Phelps wanted to retire while he still maintained a good reputation, which is why he waited until everything was back in order before retiring for good. 

  • 8 To work on his foundation

    'The Michael Phelps Foundation’s IM program', works on providing 16,000 children up till now with water-safety courses, recreational activities, swim training and wellness education. Phelps' retirement will allow him to have the time to travel and help these kids personally.

  • 9 He is a legend

    Michael Phelps retired because he already achieved the title of a legend, winning 28 medals, 23 of which are gold. Phelps is now considered the best male swimmer in the world.