Why mobile phones are so distracting

  • 1 They are always with you

    The fact that a person carries their mobile phone with them all the time makes it very likely for them to get distracted by their phones. Unlike other distracting things that can end, mobile phones are available 24/7.

  • 2 Ease of access

    Not only are phones always available, but they are easily accessible. A person doesn't even need to move their body in order to reach their phone. This extreme ease of access makes mobile phones very distracting. See Why smartphones are so popular.

  • 3 Too many notifications

    Mobile phones usually send many notifications to people. With each app having its own notifications, a mobile phone can become overly distracting.

  • 4 The internet is distracting

    The internet is very distracting on its own. Combine that with the ease of access of mobile phones and the 24/7 availability and you get an overly distracting device.

  • 5 The dopamine rush

    Dopamine is an addictive chemical that is released in the brain when a person expects certain rewards. Each notification might result in the release of dopamine since the person will expect more rewards. This makes mobile phones addictive and distracting. See why smartphones are bad for society.

  • 6 Social networks are distracting

    We humans are social beings and the social element of any app can make it more alluring and distracting. A typical person will easily get distracted by a social notification.

  • 7 It's a good procrastination tool

    Most people feel like procrastinating while doing hard and complex tasks. Because mobile phones allow people to procrastinate in between important tasks, many people check them on purpose in order to take breaks.

  • 8 People embrace distractions

    Sometimes people embrace distractions when they can't handle a certain situation. Some people, for example, distract themselves on purpose with mobile phones in order to escape from a social situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

  • 9 It's always online

    Most smartphones are always online. The fact that a person is always connected makes it even easier for them to get distracted.

  • 10 Too many uses

    Mobile phones have too many uses. A person can thus get easily distracted by one of those uses of the smartphone.