Why narcissists triangulate

  • 1 To feel more important

    When a narcissist triangulates, they feel more important as they get to become the central person who relays both messages to both sides. This helps the narcissist feed their ego and get the narcissistic supply they are looking for.

  • 2 To make themselves more credible

    Sometimes a narcissist communicates through a third person in order to make themselves seem more credible. In such a case, the narcissist uses triangulation to manipulate one or both persons.

  • 3 To manipulate people

    Narcissists might feel like manipulating people in order to reach their goals and satisfy their egos. Narcissists might use triangulation to be better able at manipulating a person. See why narcissists lie.

  • 4 To put pressure on someone

    Narcissists might use triangulation to put pressure on someone and convince them that they are wrong. Because narcissists always want to be right, they can use this technique to support their point of view.

  • 5 To turn people against each other

    A narcissist might use triangulation to turn some people against each other. In such a case, the narcissist acts as the man in the middle where they convince one side of their point of view in order to turn them against the other person. See also why narcissists devalue you.

  • 6 To get attention from both sides

    Narcissists strive for attention all the time to get their narcissistic supply. Narcissists sometimes use triangulation to get the attention of two parties at the same time.

  • 7 To keep their fans commited

    Narcissists always try to create fans and admirers who feed their egos. When the narcissist becomes the sole way of communication between two people, they both become more dependent on them.

  • 8 To devalue someone

    Narcissist devalue people most of the time and in many cases they feel like letting the devalued person know they got devalued. The narcissist can do that by cutting the communication with one person then using another one as a messenger.

  • 9 To make people think they are wrong

    A narcissist hates to be proven wrong and so they might use triangulation to show a person that everyone is against their opinion.