Why narcissists devalue you

    Why narcissists devalue you

  • 1 You ignored them

    Narcissists hate being ignored. When someone ignores them, they feel hurt. In order to protect their ego from this pain, narcissists will usually devalue the person who ignored them and consider them worthless.

  • 2 They thought you ignored them

    A narcissist could think that someone is ignoring them intentionally even if this isn't the case. This perception problem will motivate the narcissist to devalue the person who seemed to have ignored them. See what makes a person a narcissist.

  • 3 You disrespected them

    If you disrespected a Narcissist or if they believed that you disrespected them then they will devalue you as well. Narcissists believe that they should always be respected and praised. If someone didn't satisfy the Narcissist's ego then they will devalue that person.

  • 4 You made fun of them

    If you make fun of a narcissist then they might think that you are disrespecting them. If the narcissist sees things this way then they will probably devalue you.

  • 5 You rejected them

    If you rejected a narcissist then they will devalue you. If the narcissist believed that you are rejecting them then they will also devalue you. Narcissists are very sensitive to rejection and in many cases they might mistakenly believe that people are ignoring them intentionally.

  • 6 You mistreated them

    Narcissists think that they should be treated like kings. If you mistreat a narcissist or if a narcissist believes that you are mistreating them then they will devalue you. In many cases, this can be a perception problem from the narcissist's side. See how to tell if someone is a narcissist.

  • 7 You didn't glorify them

    Narcissists have very big egos and they expect to be treated according to the very high expectations of their false self. If a person didn't glorify a narcissist the way they wish to be glorified then the narcissist will devalue them.

  • 8 You criticized them

    For narcissists, criticism is considered an attack. Narcissists hate to be criticized and they consider criticism a high form of disrespect. Narcissists can thus devalue those who criticize them. See what happens when you reject a Narcissist.

  • 9 You challenged their knowledge

    Narcissists consider themselves a highly authoritative source of knowledge. If you disagreed with a narcissist or challenged their knowledge then they will devalue you and probably hate you for it.

  • 10 You don't acknowledge them

    If you treated the Narcissist like an ordinary person or if you didn't acknowledge the false image they built of themselves then they might devalue you.

  • 11 You didn't give them proper attention

    If you didn't give the Narcissist the attention they believe they deserve then they might devalue you. Narcissists don't get along with those who don't help them maintain their superior image.