Why Narcos is in Spanish

    Why Narcos is in Spanish

  • 1 The events took place in Colombia

    The events of Narcos, which are based on a true story, took place mostly in Colombia where the official language is Spanish. It made more sense to have the show contain Spanish dialogues.

  • 2 To make it more realistic

    Since many of the significant characters in the show are Colombian, it  made more sense to Netflix to make the show in Spanish in order to make it seem more realistic.

  • 3 To target Spanish audience

    According to Future, Netflix might have made the show in Spanish to reach the broad market of Spanish speaking Americans who are believed to be more than 55 million.

  • 4 To grow more in Spanish speaking countries

    Some people theorized that Netflix might have made such a move in order to grow faster in Spanish speaking countries. See how Netflix started.

  • 5 To promote content in other languages

    Netflix might have adopted this strategy to make people embrace shows that have different languages. As people get used to subtitles, Netflix could introduce more content from all around the world.

  • 6 Spanish is the second most spoken language

    Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Netflix could have made this move to increase its subscribers and to grow its business.

  • 7 To fit in real scenes

    During the show, Netflix sometimes introduces real scenes from the real events that happened. The fact that many of the real scenes include Spanish speakers might have made it more logical for Netflix to make the show in Spanish.