Why Netflix is bad

  • 1 Very small movie collection

    Netflix has an extremely small collection of movies. Most of the movies a person would want to watch are probably not on Netflix.

  • 2 Few blockbuster titles

    Netflix has few blockbuster titles due to the cost of getting a license for such movies. Many users complain that they can't find the movies they are looking for on Netflix. See why Netflix has very few movies.

  • 3 It doesn't have all popular shows

    While Netflix has many interesting shows, it still doesn't contain all popular TV shows. Some of the most popular shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones are not on Netflix.

  • 4 New movies are slow to arrive

    A typical Netflix user suffers from the problem of not finding new content very often. New additions arrive slowly to Netflix and so some users get bored of the service.

  • 5 You will need another service

    You can't rely on Netflix alone if you want to watch all popular shows and movies. You will need to subscribe to another service in order to increase the number of movies and shows you can access.

  • 6 The number of titles are going down

    According to Business Insider, the titles on Netflix were reduced by 31% between January 2014 and April 2016. With a decreasing number of movies, it becomes harder for a Netflix user to find what they are looking for.

  • 7 It doesn't show the full collection

    Netflix doesn't show the full collection of movies, but instead they try to recommend to you the movies that you might like the most. Some users find that frustrating.

  • 8 Some titles get removed

    Netflix removes the titles people don't watch often. So if you like a certain title but few people watch it, it will probably get removed.

  • 9 The collection differs from one country to another

    The collection of movies on Netflix differs from one country to another. You might not be able to a watch a certain title because you live in a certain country.

  • 10 They are shifting away from movies

    Netflix is slowly shifting away from movies to TV shows, especially original ones. Some movie fans find this disappointing.