Why Old Spice is so popular among men

  • 1 Because of funny advertisements

    Old Spice has been known to make extremely funny advertisements that are very catchy.

  • 2 It smells good

    Old Spice has a good scent that a lot of people like, according to several users.

  • 3 It's a classic scent

    Old Spice has a classic scent that is agreeable among people.

  • 4 The products have funny labels

    Old Spice products have funny labels like 'In the world of good smellingness, Wolfthorn is the presidentlord', which is one reason why people buy the products.

  • 5 It's like Victoria's Secret for men

    Old Spice is like Victoria's Secret but for men. While the two have extremely different products, it is known that Old Spice is one thing for alpha men, according to surveyed users.

  • 6 Women like it

    Women like the smell of Old Spice on men because of how strong it smells.

  • 7 It's a transition from teenhood

    A lot of men consider Old Spice as a transition from being a teenager to being a man.

  • 8 It's unique

    Old Spice has a very unique scent which makes people want to try it.

  • 9 Because of what others say about it

    A lot of the users of Old Spice were satisfied with the quality of the product and so they spread the word.

  • 10 It lasts for a long time

    Old Spice has been a pioneer in long-lasting deodorants, which makes it one of the most successful companies for those products.