Why PC users hate Mac computers

    Why PC users hate Mac computers

  • 1 To protect the group identity

    According to psychologists, humans like to join groups to form a unique identity. Once a person belongs to a group, they see other groups as competitors or enemies. See why humans join groups.

  • 2 The attitude of Mac users

    Some PC users hate the Mac just because of the attitude of some Mac users. When Mac users try to make themselves seem more privileged, some PC users respond with hatred.

  • 3 They think it's over-priced

    Many PC users believe that a Mac is over-priced, whereas a PC could have the same capabilities for a much lower price.

  • 4 The lack of flexibility

    Apple's products place many restrictions on users in order to ensure the highest possible quality. To some users, this kind of limitation can be very frustrating. A PC user might hate the Mac because of the lack of customization. See Why isn't Apple open source.

  • 5 They think it's over-hyped

    Some PC users believe that the Mac is over-hyped and that it's not as good as some people believe. This hype creates some kind of frustration for some PC users, which eventually leads to hatred.

  • 6 They think Mac users are naive

    Some PC users believe that Mac users are naive, spoiled and inexperienced. Those feelings can turn into hatred when Mac users show off their Macs.

  • 7 Not compatible with games

    Macs don't allow many games to work. Gamers who love their PCS because of games usually hate Macs because of their limited ability to run games.

  • 8 Humans like to be right

    Humans like to be right, which is why they all defend the decisions that they take. Mac users will try to prove to PC users that the Mac is better and the opposite will also happen. Intense debates can then lead to hatred.

  • 9 They hate Apple

    Some PC users hate Macs because they hate the company Apple that manufactures the Mac. In such a case, any Apple product will seem unappealing to those people.

  • 10 Less software

    Some PC users believe that Mac has very little software and this makes them uncomfortable buying a Mac.

  • 11 It's a two way fight

    While some PC users hate Macs and Mac users, some Mac users hate PCs as well. The two way debates and fights can lead to hatred in some cases.